Readers sound off on ticket scammers, paper bags and congestion pricing

Brooklyn: I got off the No. 4 train the other day at Bowling Green station. Upon exiting the station, I was besieged by scammers trying to sell me a ticket to the Statue of Liberty. They were wearing bright vests imprinted with “official” something or other on the back, and they had some sort of official-looking “permit” hanging around their necks making them look legal, but being a New Yorker, and having read articles in the Daily News about these scammers, I knew differently. I told them they were fakes, and should leave the tourists alone, and should stop cheating people. They got angry, and became very threatening so I moved away, and when I saw a police officer, and asked him why something could not be done about these scammers, he said there was nothing he could do, and that I should stay away from them as they can be dangerous.

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