Readers sound off on congestion, reparations and Donald Trump

Staten Island: Donald Trump, who looks in the mirror and sees some gorgeous hunk, has the audacity to criticize fired/resigned Secret Service Director Randolph Alles, a major general and combat veteran during Iraqi Freedom, for his big ears. Not missing a beat, Trump called him “Dumbo.” This from a man who received numerous deferments, including his so-called “bone spurs.” Trump has a habit of criticizing both men and women for their looks, including Carly Fiorina — “Look at that face. Who would vote for that?” What I see when I look at Trump, if I can bear it, is an overweight, overbearing buffoon with a nondescript pile of hair plastered down with hairspray, a wrinkled neck, squinty mean eyes and the look of a madman. Michele Corelli

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