Zsa Zsa Gabor’s widower to inherit her entire estate

The widower of Zsa Zsa Gabor claims her will was stolen by the legendary actress’ daughter.

Prince Frederic von Anhalt — who was named the sole trustee of the icon’s estate — alleged in documents the will is “lost or missing,” likely at the hands of Gabor’s late daughter Francesca Hilton.

Von Anhalt “believes (the will) was stolen by (Gabor’s) daughter, who had access and attempted to defraud third parties with a forged will,” according to the documents obtained by People.

Because Hilton died in 2015 — just one year before her mother — the issue is invalid because her possessions will be passed through the estate, People reports.

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Both Von Anhalt and Hilton were co-executors of Gabor’s estate on a prenuptial agreement signed in 1986 between the couple. Von Anhalt will inherit all of the socialite’s assets — however much that may be.

“We still don’t know how much she’s worth,” a probate and trust expert, Irwin B. Feinberg, told People.

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Francesca Hilton battled with her mother’s husband for control of the Gabor estate, but ultimately died before her mother. 

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He added it is unclear if anyone else will get any money from the estate.

“Von Anhalt is the trustee of the trust, so all of the assets, save some items of personal property that were dealt with in the will, are in the trust and are going to be distributed according to the terms of the trust,” Feinberg explained, adding that the details of the private trust are unclear.

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A phone number listed for von Anhalt went unanswered when reached by the Daily News. A rep, who once represented Gabor, told The News there was no information to provide.

He was reportedly ordered to move out of the home the couple shared in Bel Air in December.

The $ 10.9 million lavish estate was transferred to her estate, according to the documents obtained by People.

In 2012, Hilton and von Anhalt battled in court over who should be appointed conservator of the actress’ finances. Von Anhalt was ultimately appointed with several stipulations including sending monthly reports to Hilton’s attorney.

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After Hilton’s death, a judge declared it was no longer necessary for Anhalt to serve as conservator over her medical needs — just her estate.

Gabor died on Dec. 18 of a heart attack at the age of 99.

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