Woman uses desktop computer on train to London

A female passenger was spotted using a fully-installed, large iMac on a commuter train to London.

A shocked onlooker snapped a photo of the woman, with her computer’s browser open to Google’s homepage, as she travelled from Darlington to London Kings Cross.

David Hill, an American passenger who works for a software company, was visiting England for work when he witnessed the anomaly.

The passenger was seated in the first class cabin of a Virgin train to London Tuesday, July 4.

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“I had just been to the vestibule and walked past and saw the full iMac computer on the table,” Hill told The Telegraph.

He tweeted the photo along with the caption: “A lady has brought her iMac onto the train! Has she not heard of a laptop?? wtf!!”

Hill said he couldn’t believe his eyes, but a second glance at the lady confirmed she had indeed converted her train seat into a workspace.

“I had to look twice, I was shocked to see such a large computer on the small table,” Hill told The Telegraph. “At first I thought she was a staff member, so I actually walked past, and then thought I had to take a photo.”

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The desktop was complete with a wired keyboard and mouse, according to Hill, who said he had “never seen anything like it.”

It remains unclear why the passenger opted to travel with the bulky machine rather than a more compact laptop.

“I am still puzzled why someone would carry a desktop computer around, when a laptop would give her the same options, with more portability,” Hill said.

As of Friday, his photo had garnered nearly 4,000 “likes.”

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