Will Howard Stern be coming to Broadway?

Could the King of all Media tackle Broadway next?

Howard Stern’s threat to write a musical based on Fox News and the spate of sexual harassment charges surrounding ousted honcho Roger Ailes (who passed away in May) and disgraced former network star Bill O’Reilly may not be a joke.

The founder of RWS Entertainment Group, which has invested in shows like “Hello, Dolly!” and “The Glass Menagerie,” told Confidential he’d love to produce the extravaganza.

“We have a vast database of top Broadway talent. We can easily find five Roger Ailes, a few Bill O’Reilly’s, and a lot of Megyn Kelly’s for Stern to review,” said Ryan Stana, CEO and founder of RWS. “We’d love to work with Howard to produce and cast the show with relevancy to current news. We know he’d have a great time doing it.”

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Fans of Stern’s Sirius XM Radio show know he’s been considering writing a musical revolving around the cable channel’s drama.

“I’ve given serious thought, no bulls–t, to actually sitting down and writing ‘Fox News the Musical’ to the point that I’ve written an outline,” he revealed on the air on June 26. “All bits aside, I’m really thinking of writing this thing.”

The legendary disc jockey gave his audience a preview of his musical last month with a duet sung by a faux Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch, whose company owns Fox News, that included such gems as, “You can’t spell broadcast without the broads,” “CNN will eat our s–t, they just hire ugly chicks” and “Here’s my concept for the news, less boring facts and way more boobs.”

Stern mused that his musical will “sound just as good as that other horses–t you’ll hear on Broadway that appears to have random words to some random music…It might be the next ‘Rent.’”

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Stern’s agent did not reply for comment.

Unfortunately, Stern isn’t the first person to think that the embattled news channel is ripe for Broadway treatment. In April, “Fox News the Musical: A Story of Hope” premiered in Los Angeles.

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