Unreleased Kurt Cobain paintings to be displayed in Seattle

Smells like nostalgia.

Kurt Cobain fans can get a glimpse into the long-deceased musician’s mind this summer, according to a release from the United Talent Agency.

Two previously unreleased paintings, as well as several comics and drawings, created by the Nirvana frontman will be featured in an exhibit at the Seattle Art Fair.

None of the pieces will be for sale.

The talent agency’s statement suggests that the paintings showcase Cobain’s “creative energy and wit,” while also shining a light on his battles with depression and addiction.

Josh Roth, who heads UTA’s fine arts division, said in the statement he believes the never-before-seen artwork will allow Cobain fans to see him as more than a brilliant rocker.

“Kurt Cobain was perhaps the most iconic musician of his generation, but his work as a visual artist is often overlooked,” the statement read. “These paintings provide an opportunity to see him, and some of his contemporaries, in a new light.”

Can’t make it? Don’t sweat it — Rolling Stone obtained an exclusive look at 10 of Cobain’s works.

The artwork will be on display in booth B13 at the Seattle Art Fair from Friday through Sunday.

Cobain’s creations will be displayed alongside creations by Richard Prince, Mark Flood, Nate Lowman and more.

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