Trump unveils plan to meet Putin during trip to Asia

President Trump revealed Saturday that he plans to meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during his marathon tour of Asia.

“I think it’s expected that we’ll meet,” Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One on the way to Japan.

“We want Putin’s help on North Korea.”

Japan was the first stop of Trump‘s 12-day, five-country trip in Asia.

Officials fear Trump’s Asia trip may spark N. Korea missile test

The nearly two-week voyage comes at a perilous time for Trump whose administration was rocked last week by indictments of his campaign associates in the ongoing Russia probe.

In a speech to American service members at the Yokota Air Base outside Tokyo, Trump donned a flight jacket before touting U.S. military might.

“We dominate the sky. We dominate the seas. We dominate the land and space,” Trump said.

But instead of his usual saber-rattling at the North Korean regime, Trump spoke of peace in the region.

“You put hope in every soul that yearns for peace,” Trump told the troops.

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