Trump calls ‘Morning Joe’ hosts ‘crazy’ and ‘dumb as a rock’

President Trump doesn’t think MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are bad people, even as he called the “Morning Joe” co-hosts “crazy” and “dumb as a rock.”

“Crazy Joe Scarborough and dumb as a rock Mika are not bad people, but their low rated show is dominated by their NBC bosses. Too bad!” Trump tweeted Saturday morning.

His latest insult against the co-hosts-turned-fiances come a day after Scarborough and Brzezinski accused the President of blackmailing them with a damaging National Enquirer story.

The back and forth began on Thursday, when Trump called Scarborough “Psycho Joe” and Brzezinski “low I.Q. Crazy Mika,” saying she was “bleeding badly from a face-lift” during a New Year’s Eve encounter.

Scarborough and Brzezinski fire back at Trump’s personal attacks

That prompted the MSNBC figures to appear on “Morning Joe” Friday — postponing a July 4 vacation — and respond to Trump.

They alleged that White House officials — reportedly including Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner — threatened that the Enquirer story would run unless they apologize to the President for harsh coverage. David Pecker, whose American Media Inc. owns the Enquirer, is friends with Trump.

Kushner — Trump’s senior adviser — texted Scarborough in mid-April to warn him about an article on his then-hidden relationship with Brzezinski, New York magazine reported Friday.

But Scarborough and Brzezinski decided not to beg forgiveness, and the story ran in early June.

Joe and Mika postpone vacation in response to Trump’s tweets

Brzezinski and Scarborough slammed the President's mental fitness during a Friday appearance on "Morning Joe."

Brzezinski and Scarborough slammed the President’s mental fitness during a Friday appearance on “Morning Joe.”


Trump tweeted earlier Friday that Scarborough asked him to scrub the story, and he denied the “Morning Joe” host’s plea.

Scarborough, a former GOP congressman, responded that it was “another lie. I have texts from your top aides and phone records. Also, those records show I haven’t spoken with you in many months,” he tweeted back. “Why do you keep lying about things that are so easily disproven? What is wrong with you?”

This wasn’t the only swipe Trump took Saturday at NBC, the network that ran his show, “The Apprentice,” for more than a decade.

He implied that MSNBC anchor Greta Van Susteren’s recent departure after six months at the cable news channel was politically motivated.

Kathy Griffin blasts Trump for attacking Mika on Twitter

“Word is that @Greta Van Susteren was let go by her out of control bosses at @NBC & @Comcast because she refused to go along w/ ‘Trump hate!’” he wrote earlier Saturday.

An MSNBC spokesman declined to comment on the President’s latest tweetstorm.

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