Tom Brady’s jersey gets stolen in Macklemore's 'Marmalade' video

The ceiling can’t hold Macklemore’s trolling of Tom Brady in his new music video.

Macklemore released the video for his song “Marmalade” featuring Lil Yachty Wednesday. The rapper, who is a known Seahawks fan, couldn’t help but throw some shade toward the Patriots quarterback the day before Brady’s 40th birthday.

The video features a child stealing Macklemore’s keys and picking up a kid version of Lil Yachty for a joy ride around the city in a Mercedes Maybach. After riding around town and stopping for some gold jewelry, the two kids make a pit stop at a stadium.

When they walk around the concourse, the young Lil Yachty kicks open a door to find equipment managers taking air out of footballs, a nod to the Deflategate controversy.

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Meanwhile the younger version of Macklemore, wearing a Seattle Sonics jacket, sneaks into the locker room and steals a No. 12 Brady jersey.

The two kids then take the stolen merchandise to Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch. When the little Macklemore hands over the jersey, Lynch gets a big smile on his face.


Macklemore (l.) poked fun at Tom Brady (r.) for Deflategate and having his jersey stolen in new “Marmalade” music video.

(Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Bob Levey/Getty Images)

“Here, let me see that Real Deal Holyfield,” Lynch says.

The theft was a joke about how Brady’s jersey was really stolen following this year’s Super Bowl win.

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After he gets the jersey, Lynch then lets the group have a pool party in his backyard as a reward for the jersey.

Lynch and Seahawks fans like Macklemore will likely be forever bitter over Super Bowl XLIX.

Had the Seahawks given Lynch the ball on the one-yard line, they probably would have won their second straight Super Bowl. Instead, the team chose to pass, and Russell Wilson was intercepted by Malcom Butler, sealing another championship for Brady and the Patriots.

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