Terror victims ask NYC court for second look at Facebook lawsuit

Terror attack victims say a judge should take a fresh look at their case against Facebook in light of last week’s Capitol Hill grilling of Mark Zuckerberg.

A year after a Brooklyn federal judge concluded Facebook couldn’t be on the hook for enabling Hamas attacks in Israel, the victims are insisting Zuckerberg’s two days of testimony put a whole new spin on the legal fight.

The CEO’s testimony showed the social media giant tried to control content and wasn’t merely some “hands off” hi-tech bulletin board, the filing said.

Approximately 20 victims contend Facebook’s technology fanned hatred and violence, but Brooklyn Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis tossed the case, ruling Facebook couldn’t be liable for what people said on its platform.

On Monday, the victims’ lawyer asked an appeals court to send the case back to Garaufis.

“It is clear from Zuckerberg’s testimony that Facebook takes an active role in forming the content appearing on its website,” attorney Robert Tolchin told the Second Circuit.

He later added, “Facebook constantly prunes and curates to limit the content of postings. The posts that remain are those selected posts that, Facebook believes, ought to be on Facebook.”

The social media giant didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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