Taylor Swift returns to social media with cryptic snake clip

Taylor Swift returned to social media Monday morning with a cryptic, 10-second video of what appears to be a snake slithering against a black backdrop.

The video was posted to all of her social media channels without a caption, and she turned off the commenting feature on Instagram, preventing excited fans from speculating about what the image could mean.

Director Joseph Kahn — who has previously worked with the pop star on her “Blank Space,” “Bad Blood,” “Wildest Dreams” and “Out of the Woods” videos — retweeted the video with a smiley face.

He also tweeted, “In 30 minutes, as a show of power, @taylorswift13 will blot out the sun.”

Here’s why Taylor Swift fans think she’s dropping a new album

Swift’s post comes just days after the “Blank Space” singer went blank on social media Friday, clearing out the entirety of her Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

Swift’s last full-length album, “1989,” was released in October 2014. Since then, fans have been clamoring for more from the 27-year-old singer, and speculation that an upcoming sixth album will be released soon has run rampant in recent months.

Rumors, fueled by an Australian radio show that cited a Swift “expert,” have been swirling that Swift would be making a big announcement Monday at 2 p.m., during the solar eclipse.

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