Suburbs spur panic for 'Odd Mom Out' Jill Kargman

As the barbed chronicler of Upper East Side motherhood you might think Jill Kargman would make for the Hamptons this time of year, like virtually everyone in her social circle — but she’s having none of it.

“No! I summer here, on 61st Street,” she told us at the premiere for the third season of her Bravo show, “Odd Mom Out,” at the Whitby Hotel.

“My neighborhood has actual tumbleweeds blowing through it,” with the East End exodus, she reports. “There’s just like a cockroach conga line and nobody around.”

Kargman’s not big on leaving the city behind as a general rule, she says — and when it comes to the suburbs, forget about it.

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“I have suburban panic disorder. I don’t know how to drive and I don’t feel comfortable,” she says. “I start to itch when I go to suburbs, I wither on the vine, so I have a 48-hour maximum.”

Kargman explores her phobia of the burbs this season with an episode filmed in Greenwich — but plenty of the raw material life offers her stays private, she says.

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Kargman explored her “suburban panic disorder” in an upcoming episode of “Odd Mom Out” filmed in Greenwich, Conn.

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“There are hundreds of stories I’ve heard that I would never include because I don’t want to put anyone’s personal stories in it. I’ve definitely heard all kinds of crazy s–t that you can’t make up. Just crazy extramarital affairs and how they got caught and weird Upper East Side accidents and plastic surgery mistakes. My friends know they can trust me to the grave, and I would never betray their personal anecdotes.”

We inquired after her sister-in-law Drew Barrymore, who recently split from Kargman’s brother, Will Kopelman — and is doing “so great,” says Kargman.

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“She’s still one of my best friends. My brother’s here and they are still such close friends. They went on vacation together. Everybody’s great.”

Sounds like a model for divorced parents, we suggested.

“Totally. I think Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin — I think there are a lot of couples who have busy lives and they make a decision to co-parent. You keep your family unit and I think that’s lovely.”

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