STASI: Yet another Friday firing leaves alpha male Gorka howling

The alpha males have left the building. Repeat, the alpha males have left the building.

TGIF has turned into OSIF in D.C. (figure it out).

Yes, it was just another Friday, or make that just another Fireday, with yet another White House shakeup and shakeout. This time it was top Trump staffer Sebastian Gorka who got “resigned.”

Gorka, an ex-Breitbart severe right winger — who once said of the Trump administration, “After eight years of Pajama Boys, it’s time for the alpha males to come back” — packed up his leash and, well, went back to wherever he came from. Maybe he went home to look for his old footsie pajamas.

Trump aide Sebastian Gorka resigns from White House

President Trump wrongly pardoned former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio (l.) a month after he was rightly convicted.

President Trump wrongly pardoned former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio (l.) a month after he was rightly convicted.


The Friday before that it was alpha male Steve Bannon who fled through the White House’s revolving door, following closely on the heels of Ezra Cohen-Watnick, and before him Anthony Scaramucci and on and on, making the total head-chop since January an even dozen. Sheesh, that poor door hasn’t seen this much alpha male action since Bill Clinton trysted the nights away in the Oval Office.

OK, Gorka the goon deserved to be kicked to the curb, as did Bannon, foul-mouthed Scaramucci, Dr. Strangelove impersonator Mike Flynn, sycophantic Sean Spicer and lost boy Reince Preibus, but arguably these clowns shouldn’t have gotten those gigantic gigs in the first place.

That being said, there is nothing arguable about Friday’s second alpha male news bomb — not a firing — but a pardoning of Arizona’s top racist, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, less than one month after his conviction for criminal contempt.

Our President dropped this news nuke via tweet of course, while the country was busy looking the other way and waiting for the news on Hurricane Harvey.

President Trump pardons former Sheriff Joe Arpaio

His latest blatant defiance of the law read, “I am pleased to inform you that I have just granted a full Pardon to 85 year old American patriot Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He kept Arizona safe!”

Defying the law is not what’s called keeping people safe, that’s what’s called keeping people scared.

It was on July 31 that Arpaio was found guilty in a United States court of law for defying a 2011 court order, which mandated that he refrain from racial profiling of Latinos during routine patrols. Arpaio had proudly been detaining Latinos simply because he suspected these people might not be citizens. This is not gold star behavior, that’s yellow star tactics.

Even so, the sheriff who was charged with keeping the law continued to defy the law, was rightly convicted of breaking the law, only to be wrongly pardoned a month later by a President who says he believes in the law.

‘Michael the Black Man’ at Trump’s Ariz. rally is ex-cult member

The reality is that the reality TV President and the telegenic sheriff have continually and blatantly ignored the law without consequence, all while claiming to be law-and-order public servants.

Where, then, is the justice in all of this?

Not Released (NR)

The man following Trump around to his rallies, of Blacks for Trump 2020, has four aliases: Michael The Black Man, Michael Symonette, Maurice Woodside and Mikael Israel.

(Ralph Freso/Getty Images)


Now Trump can legitimately say, “Look at my African-American over here,” since he really does have a black supporter. One. Or maybe four since the black guy who follows him around to rallies has four aliases: Michael The Black Man, Michael Symonette, Maurice Woodside and Mikael Israel.

Sandy Hook vic’s sister slams Baio for Heather Heyer hoax tweet

The art of the deal lives! Four-in-one African-Americans without the messiness of actually having to answer to any sane African-American voters.

Michael The Black Man, who was sitting right behind the President at the Phoenix campaign rally last week must be as unhinged as Trump sounded because really, who shows up — and worse who holds — a campaign rally nine months after winning the campaign in the first place?

Oh, right that would be the President and Michael, who is seemingly the only member of his organization, Blacks for Trump 2020, which is unregistered, with nothing but a website.

But hey, a nonexistent organization seemingly without any members but a guy with as many aliases as felony arrests (not to mention two murder acquittals) who claims that “Cherokees are the real KKK Racist Slave Masters, not White Gentiles who are Black Peoples Republican Emancipators!”, who believes that Hillary is associated with ISIS, certainly deserves prominent seating behind the President of the United States. And that is especially true during an international broadcast.

Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio is unpardonable

Not Released (NR)

Scott Baio has morphed into a rich, still dumb and now a repulsively cruel has-been.

(Alex Wong/Getty Images)


Having lived the life of a rich and privileged, if dumb and cosseted, TV star since a ridiculously early age, Scott Baio has morphed into a rich, still dumb and now a repulsively cruel has-been.

In a move that is almost impossible to believe, this sicko whose last TV show was a failed reality mess, is now a Sandy Hook “truther” who just retweeted a meme suggesting that the mother of recently murdered Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer and the mother of Sandy Hook murder victim Vicki Soto are one-in-the-same fake “crisis actor.” A what? A crisis actor is supposedly someone who participates in a faked domestic terrorist attack to make people hate the right wing. Or something.

What kind of sicko believes that 20 innocent little children and their six brave teachers weren’t gunned down in cold blood? Baio.

Trump crusades on rule of law and Joe Arpaio pardon bucks courts

Losing a child is the worst tragedy a parent can endure, and losing a child to a senseless act of hate by a domestic terrorist must only add pain to unimaginable agony.

Therefore every thinking, compassionate human should turn their back on Baio.

He’s not his happy-go-lucky TV character. He’s an embittered man who deserves to be just where he is — nowhere.

Taylor Swift took aim at Kayne West with her new tough girl single  "Look What You Made Me Do."

Taylor Swift took aim at Kayne West with her new tough girl single  “Look What You Made Me Do.”

(Taylor Swift)

Swift Shift: Taylor Swift’s new tough girl image on her “Look What You Made Me Do” single, which is a jab/punch/swat at Kanye, has unleashed a torrent of memes. Her new Barbie Goes Raging Bull revenge recording is well, all the er, rage. Two of the best of #Look What You Made Me Do memes include one with sweet baby Olsen twins turning bad biker baby Olsen twins, and one of a sweet baby doll-turned-Chuckie complete with blonde wig and sexy top. Oh no! LookWhatTaylorMadeThemDo. Check ’em out—before bad girl Taylor turns good girl again.

Out of all bums Presidents have pardoned, Joe Arpaio tops list

Lucite Wall of Silence: So, wait. If Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall that they didn’t want in the first place, why is he now threatening to shut down the entire U.S. government if WE won’t pay for the wall? Talk about a Mexican standoff …

Dog Whistling in Havana: American and Canadian diplomats stationed in Cuba have been going deaf. Sources suspect that Cuban intelligence has been hitting them with acoustic assaults-sonic waves that humans cannot hear. This is new? Our governments have been deaf to each other since 1961. Anyway, since the travel ban was lifted, Americans have been flocking there and spending like it’s 1959. Why would they wreck it and threaten another Cuban Revolution.

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