STASI: Cooper Hefner should be ashamed Playboy objectifies women

The son of the repulsive Viagra-fueled, pajama-wearing, near-corpse who put the “ugh” in “Hugh,” 25-year-old Cooper Hefner, is embarrassed.

No, not by his father’s life’s work of objectifying women in Playboy, but because Playboy once put Donald Trump on its cover.


This is what most embarrasses this millennial moron about a magazine that was created to depersonalize women in the cruelest, most degrading way — porn?

Cooper Hefner is ‘embarrassed’ about Trump’s 1990 Playboy cover


Hefner Lite tweeted, “Why am I embarrassed about this cover? Because we promote a philosophy that encourages ALL individuals to choose the life they want to live.”

Honestly? He’s not embarrassed by covers that do the exact opposite? Covers, for example, that don’t encourage women to live the lives they want to live — unless they want to be slaves and perverts that is?

Such as? Such as that old cover of a nearly naked woman sucking on a popsicle, while surrounded by drawings of little boys as well as one very upset-looking little girl? What does that encourage All individuals to be — pedophiles?

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And is Cooper proud of that “More Sex In the Cinema” cover that ran back in the ’70’s which began Playboy’s total slide into the swamp? That one featured a spread-eagle nearly topless model sitting in a movie theater with her fingers down her bikini panties.

Young Hefner’s misogynistic old man was at war with the other big pornographer of the day, Bob Guccione, at the time, and the cover was so disgustingly lowbrow that the media dubbed it, The Pubic Wars.

Hefner should also be embarrassed by the cover that mocked women’s liberation by crossing out the word “Girls” and hand writing “Women” over it, on a cover promising naked Ivy League coeds inside.

Hef’s kid is such a spoiled, non-entity, however, that he probably thinks the cover featuring the first naked African-American playmate was a breakthrough in civil rights. You too, black women, can be depersonalized and sexualized!

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Donald Trump holds up the 1990 issue of Playboy at a campaign rally.

Donald Trump holds up the 1990 issue of Playboy at a campaign rally.


Cooper, the son of Hugh and Kimberley Conrad, the 1988 Playmate of the Year, (who married the nearly 40 years older Hef when she was 24), must believe he’s the creative director of Playboy by virtue of talent, not parentage.

But instead of being embarrassed, he’s proud that one of his own creative endeavors involved his own mother. He had her recreate her Playboy cover 30 years after she first posed. Why would a son do this? As a Mother’s Day present, that’s why.

And for what reason?

Because his father says, “Once a Playmate is always a Playmate.” In other words, once a sex object always a sex object.

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A Playboy cover of a nearly naked woman sucking on a popsicle.

A Playboy cover of a nearly naked woman sucking on a popsicle.


If anything, Hef the Younger should be embarrassed by that, not the cover featuring The Donald at a time when The Donald was the epitome of the Playboy man.

And if you want to be embarrassed by or even embarrass a President’s past and future, what about that Playboy cover of Ronald Reagan’s daughter Patti, naked with the hands of a body builder covering her nipples?

Only a kid who grew up in that mausoleum of depravity, the Playboy Mansion, would think that a 1990 cover of a man who would be president 27 years later would be embarrassing, especially when he has so much more to be embarrassed about.

Young Hef should be forced to look at the E! Playboy reality show “The Girls Next Door, if he wants to be embarrassed by the filth of his family life.

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The show was a look into the Dracula-like existence of three young, beautiful women living in a decaying mansion who gave up their youth in exchange for eternal life (or, in this case, 15 minutes of fame) by having sex with an ancient, living corpse: Hugh Hefner

And if that’s not enough to make you hang your head in shame, there’s the Hefner family legacy of reducing women to bunnies — helpless furry forest creatures with cotton tails and floppy ears. Now that’s something to be embarrassed about.

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