Social media video emerges of turbulent American Airlines flight

In the wake of an American Airlines flight plagued by turbulence on Saturday, social media video has emerged showing disoriented passengers and a cabin strewn with belongings.

The airline’s Flight 759 was en route to Philadelphia from Athens, Greece, when it encountered turbulence shortly before landing.

According to a passenger’s Twitter video, American had the “fasten seat belt” sign on at the time.

The flight landed at 3:10 p.m. Three passengers and seven crew members were reportedly taken to a hospital for evaluation.

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In video from Twitter user Ervin Fang, a plane full of disoriented passengers listen to the captain address them.

“We really apologize for the unexpected bumpiness,” he says. “We were expecting some light turbulence… It was totally unexpected.”

“Again we sincerely apologize,” the captain continued.

A different, 19-second video shows passengers discussing the frenzied flight and others getting readjusted.

Fang’s last tweet shows the wing of the plane as it nears Philadelphia.

It reads: “Philadelphia: Happy to land after the rough & tumble turbulence, AA759, Athens-Philly. #landingsafe #TURBULENCE #americanair #Philadelphia.”

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