Seth Rogen horrified after his mom tweets about sex

Clearly Seth Rogen feels super bad about his mom chatting about her sex life on Twitter.

The comedian was grossed out after his mother, Sandy, tweeted that “falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga!”

Rogen then responded by writing, “Jesus f–king Christ mom,” retweeting his mother’s remark.

The “Superbad” creator’s sister Danya chimed in shortly after, posting a sick-face emoji and writing: “Seriously. I actually gagged.”

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Sandy defended her original post by tweeting to Rogen: “It’s just an observation of life !”

She followed that up by calling her daughter’s response “Lame!”

Sandy’s Twitter is packed with funny observations and, despite her not being a celebrity or having a verified account, she boasts more than 44,000 followers.


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