Seth Meyers' evening of comedy felt like night of the living dead

N.R.D.C.’s “Night of Comedy” was a bit of a nightmare for comedians like “Late Night” host Seth Meyers, who signed on thinking he’d be celebrating a Hillary Clinton win.

“For a comedian this is the dream gig!” Meyers sarcastically told a somber crowd at a Natural Resource Defense Council fund-raiser at 583 Park Ave. “You definitely want to be playing in a Manhattan room after a (Donald) Trump victory to save the environment. Everybody’s in a fantastic mood!”

While Meyers managed to draw laughs from VIP attendees including Ron Perlman, Graydon Carter, John McEnroe and Diane von Furstenberg, there was a terrible pall over the crowd. Red carpet interviews with the night’s participants, which usually provide a festive start to an evening like this one, were cancelled. “The Daily Show” correspondent Hasan Minhaj did his standup act, but it was more heartbreaking than funny when he told the crowd that his mom is in India visiting his grandmother, and though she’d planned to return in February, Minhaj said he wasn’t confident that she’d be welcomed back under a Trump administration, even though she’s a U.S. citizen.

Comedian George Lopez performs onstage during the Natural Resources Defense Council's mellow "NRDC's Night of Comedy" Benefit.

Comedian George Lopez performs onstage during the Natural Resources Defense Council’s mellow “NRDC’s Night of Comedy” Benefit.

(Mike Coppola/(Credit too long, see caption))

But Meyers had no problem addressing the elephant in the room and admitted that in the 18 months his show has been covering the campaign, they’ve been wrong about everything. “Every one of my predictions have been wrong,” he said.

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“When he first came down the escalator I said on the show, ‘He’s not going to actually run he’s just doing this as a stunt.’ And then he ran and I said, ‘Don’t worry, he’s never going to win the GOP nomination. It’s never going to happen’ and then he did that. And I said, ‘Don’t worry he’s never going to be President’ and now he is. But the good news is, based on that pattern, (and) the fact that everything I’ve predicted about him is wrong, he’s going to turn out to be a great … President!”

Meyers then pleaded to the crowd, “This is gallows. I can only do gallows humor.”

A rep for the event tells us that organizers “didn’t cancel the red carpet per se,” but they did notify journalists that participating talent would not be fielding questions. 

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