SEE IT: Man barred from flight for layering clothing

British Airways may appreciate your patronage, but you better check your antics at the gate.

Ryan Carney Williams, known on Twitter as Ryan Hawaii, drew eyes from every corner of the internet after sharing a harrowing airline experience during which he claims he was held at Iceland Keflavik airport because he’d put on every article of clothing he couldn’t fit in his checked bag.

Williams was reportedly trying to avoid additional baggage fees.

According to Daily Mail, at the time of the incident, the would-be airline passenger was wearing eight pairs of pants and 10 shirts.

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He then accused British Airways of racial profiling.

In a later tweet, Williams alleged that he was arrested and maced by police for refusing to leave the airport after he was turned away.

Two days later, he claimed he was turned away again, this time by EasyJet.

Although he was not aboard the flight, Williams said his belongings were flown to England.

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He was finally able to leave the airport after booking a Norwegian airlines flight.

According to Daily Mail, Williams was refunded by both British Airways and EasyJet.

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