Saudi King Salman reportedly spent $100 million on Moroccan stay

King Salman of Saudi Arabia knows how to vacation like royalty.

The head of the House of Saud reportedly spent $ 100 million on his annual getaway to his favorite spot – Tangier, Morocco, according to Haaretz.

The 81-year-old monarch, who’s worth a reported $ 1.38 billion, landed in Morocco in July, traveled with more than 1,000 ministers, advisers, family members and security personnel. There were 800 hotel rooms reserved and 200 vehicles — in addition to the King’s cars — and a host of top catering companies.

The opulent vacation also helps the northern African country’s economy; Salman’s monthlong stay amounts to 1.5 % of the country’s foreign tourism revenue, the paper reports.

Meet Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the future king of Saudi Arabia

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The King’s complex in Tangier has a medical facility and luxurious restaurants.  

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In 2016, about 100 black Mercedes and Range Rovers were prepared to take Salman, his family and entourage around the town, the New York Times reported. His 74-acre Moroccan complex includes medical facilities and luxury restaurants.

King Salman also has homes in France, where he owns several apartments that are worth a reported $ 35 million, and in Spain’s Costa del Sol.

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