Russian President Vladimir Putin, Jordan king tout Syria talks

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin and the king of Jordan have hailed the results of Syria peace talks in Kazakhstan.

At the start of his meeting with Putin in the Kremlin on Wednesday, King Abdullah II praised the Syrian peace talks in Kazakhstan’s capital of Astana, which wrapped up a day earlier and thanked Russia for co-sponsoring them.

The talks — brokered by Russia, Turkey and Iran — brought the armed rebel factions face-to-face with Syrian President Bashar Assad’s representatives for the first time in the nearly six-year conflict. The king noted that Russia can play a key role in resolving the war in Syria.

Meanwhile, Russian officials said they have “no illusions” about a quick thaw under President Donald Trump — but are ready to take their share of efforts needed to improve the strained ties with the United States.

Russia celebrates President Trump as official warns gap will stay

Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said “time and serious work will be needed to repair the heavy damage inflicted to Russia-U.S. cooperation under Barack Obama.”

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