‘Potential evidence’ found in 46-year-old D.B. Cooper mystery

A former FBI agent and his volunteer crew of sleuths have uncovered what they believe is “potential evidence” in the famous D.B. Cooper cold case.

Thomas Colbert, a TV and film executive who helped pull the group of investigators together, told Fox News the team discovered “what appears to be a decades-old parachute strap” in the Pacific Northwest.

There’s been no trace of Cooper since Nov. 24 1971, when a man using the pseudonym hijacked a Northwest Orient Boeing 727 and demanded $ 200,000. After he collected the ransom, Cooper leapt of out the plane, a parachute on his back.

Bundles of ransom cash were found on the outer banks of the Columbia River in 1980, marking the last bit of evidence to emerge in the Cooper case — the mystery of which has long kept the world captivated.

FBI closes D.B. Cooper case due to lack of ‘credible leads’

Colbert, who runs DBcooper.com and has co-authored a book on the matter, filed a federal lawsuit aimed at obtaining federal documents on Cooper just a few months after the FBI announced it would no longer actively investigate the case in July 2016.

He told Fox the files gave credence to a tip they received, leading them to the new evidence. They found the strap “right where a credible source claimed the chute and the remaining money are buried,” Colbert explained.


A helicopter takes off from search headquarters to scour the area hijacker Dan Cooper might have parachuted into


He declined to reveal the precise location of the dig but said he intended to hand over evidence to the FBI on Friday and offer them the dig site on Monday.

Colbert suspects the hijacker is actually Robert Rackstraw — a 73-year-old Vietnam veteran officials eliminated as a suspect in 1979, according to the news station.

Still, Colbert believes it’d be worthwhile for investigators to take a second look at Rackstraw as the mysterious Dan Cooper.

His private 40-member team, which also boasts 12 former FBI agents, have tailed Rackstraw through five different countries, including 21 states across America.

“Look… this is more than a theory, and you have a (living suspect) that has all the attributes of someone to do this successfully,” he explained. “These are issues that have be examined and weighed (by the FBI.)“

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