Pa. home left riddled with bullet holes after deadly shootout

Cars parked along a Pennsylvania street were left riddled with bullet holes days after a violent shootout there left a U.S. Marshal dead and another police officer wounded.

Kevin Sturgis, who had two active warrants in Philadelphia, opened fire when a fugitive task force showed up in the early hours of the morning Thursday to arrest his girlfriend, Shayla Towles Pierce, at her Harrisburg home.

Evidence of the deadly encounter can be traced back inside the home on Mulberry Street. Video obtained by PennLive shows more than a dozen bullet holes across the walls of the house, most of them near the stairwell.

That’s where authorities said the 31-year-old gunman surprised officers while they attempted to arrest Pierce on accusations that she pointed a gun at the head of a driver last year. published footage of the inside of the home where a gunman fatally shot deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher Hill.


Sturgis had been living in the rented home with Pierce and her children for about five months. Neighbors told PennLive the kids were inside the home when the gunfire broke out but managed to escape through a backdoor before the violent exchange escalated.

Witnesses said they heard a series of gunshots ring out before Sturgis fled from the home.

Pierce reportedly followed him, shouting amid the chaos: “Don’t kill him! Don’t kill him!”

Kevin Sturgis (left), 31, of Philadelphia, shot multiple members of the United States Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force, killing Hill, 45.

Kevin Sturgis (left), 31, of Philadelphia, shot multiple members of the United States Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force, killing Hill, 45.

(Dauphin County Judicial Center via AP)

The gunman leapt from the porch and into the snow, ducking behind a car for cover before loosing another round of bullets. He slowly made his way to another car before running down the street.

When officers fired, he again ducked behind a pair of parked vehicles. Cops seemed to lose Sturgis seemed in the darkness, but a neighbor pointed him out hiding under one of the parked cars, according to PennLive.

Neighbors said they heard another 15 or so shots ring out, and then an officer warning Sturgis not to move. They cuffed the shooter and moved him to the middle of the street, where he died. The Dauphin County district Attorney’s office is investigating whether the fatal police shooting of Sturgis was justified.


Hill was fatally shot early Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018, while serving an arrest warrant inside a home in Harrisburg, Pa. 


Pierce remained behind bars Saturday with a $ 200,000 bail.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher Hill, 45, died at the hospital from injuries he sustained during the shootout and York City Office Kyle Pitts required surgery for a wound to his arm.

A Harrisburg police officer stationed on the porch of house was also struck in the gunfire but was protected by his bullet-proof vest.

Authorities removed the crime scene tape locking down the block on Friday and the owner of the Mulberry home where the shooting unfolded worked to patch the holes left by the violent incident.

Investigators recovered bullet fragments from the scene which will be compared to both the officers’ and the shooter’s firearms.

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