Norwegian FB page mistakes empty bus seats for burqas

A Norwegian prankster fooled an anti-immigration Facebook page into believing a photo of empty seats on a bus were actually women wearing religious headscarves.

Dozens of members in the “Fedrelangdet viktigst” — or “Fatherland first” — were reportedly duped by the picture and said it confirmed the need for a ban on burqas, according to the Washington Post.

A burqa is a loose-fitting scarf worn by some Muslim women to cover their face and body.

Johan Slattavik, the man believed to be behind the hoax, said he shared the deceiving image just to see what would happen.

Another Facebook user, Sindre Beyer, took screenshots of the volatile reaction to the photo and shared it to exposed the commenters. That post went viral in the Nordic country Friday.

“Almost everyone thinks they see a bunch of burqa (sic),” wrote Beyer.

One commenter said the religious garb was frightening and another said it was impossible to see who was under the supposed scarves, and if they had weapons, according to English translations of the Facebook replies.

Government officials in the Scandinavian nation have proposed restrictions on face-covering Muslim veils in schools. Similar legislation banning the headscarves in public places already exists in France, Belgium and Bulgaria.

The ban would prohibit burqa and niqab, a veil also worn by some Muslim women to cover their hair and face.

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