North Korean general says Trump is 'senile,' golfs too much

Americans and North Koreans can agree on one thing this week: President Trump is golfing too much.

A North Korean general took a swing at Trump’s favorite presidential activity at the end of the second day of nuclear tensions between their two nations.

Speaking on North Korea’s state-run media Wednesday night, Gen. Kim Rak Gyom also called Trump’s sanity into question as the President continued to lob threats of a potential nuclear battle.

Kim said Trump was spending his time “on the golf links” while failing to “grasp the ongoing grave situation.”

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President Trump golfing with Mike Fazio at his New Jersey golf course on Wednesday.


Trump, he said, was “extremely getting on the nerves” of North Korean soldiers by making comments that showed his “senility.”

The general, who oversees North Korea’s strategic rocket forces, said it was “not possible” to have a dialogue “with such a guy bereft of reason who is going senile.”

The nuclear face-off between the U.S. and North Korea ignited in the middle of Trump’s so-called “working vacation” at his New Jersey golf course, which is expected to last 17 days.

Trump was spotted golfing at the club on Wednesday, just hours after he tweeted a reminder about America’s fearsome nuclear arsenal.

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Trump has gone golfing at least 46 days of his presidency — nearly a quarter of the time he has been in office.

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