Noah Syndergaard appears as a soldier in ‘Game of Thrones' cameo

Brace yourselves, Noah Syndergaard is coming.

The hard-throwing Mets pitcher made his highly-anticipated “Game of Thrones” cameo Sunday. And while Syndergaard didn’t receive a speaking role like singer Ed Sheeran did in his brief cameo, the towering 6-foot-6, 242-pound pitcher did put his size to good use, appearing as a soldier and hurling a spear at an opposing army.

It’s not known if throwing that spear aggravated Syndergaard’s torn lat.


Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard made his highly-anticipated “Game of Thrones” cameo on Sunday.

(Frank Franklin II/AP)

(WARNING: spoilers below)

Syndergaard fought valiantly as a Lannister soldier, where his long blonde hair allowed him to fit into the Lannister family nicely. Unfortunately his accurate spear throwing was all for naught, as he and his fellow Lannister forces were outmatched by the Dothraki army, and ultimately perished at the hands of a fire-breathing dragon.

In Syndergaard’s defense, while his stuff on the mound is fire, the opposing army had dragons that can literally breathe fire.

A 99 mph fastball just doesn’t quite cut it.

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