Mike Francesa explains that time he fell asleep on air

By now, Mike Francesa’s infamous on-air nap is well known by sports fans – the Sports Pope just couldn’t stay awake during a Yankees update from WFAN beat reporter Sweeny Murti.

But what prompted the long-time radio man to fall asleep? Turns out Francesa had a good reason.

“I had actually had my son in the hospital all night the night before with an asthma attack,” Francesa told TMZ. “So I hadn’t been to sleep. My wife had told me to take a nap the day before I did the show, would’ve been a smart idea.”

The WFAN veteran, who is set to leave the station at year’s end, seemed amused when recalling the embarassing moment back from 2012, telling the TMZ reporter that the clip still follows him around to this day.

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In case you’ve never seen it, here’s the clip of the radio host taking a quick snooze for the world to see:

Sorry, Mike. Even though you have a pretty good excuse, it’s still just too funny not to laugh.

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