Matthew McConaughey reveals his pick for Sexiest Man Alive

Add Matthew McConaughey to the list of people swooning over Idris Elba’s Cockney charm.

McConaughey cemented his own status as a heartthrob in 2005 when he claimed People’s annual Sexiest Man Alive title and, now, he’s got just the guy in mind to take the crown for 2017.

“[Elba] is the perfect answer for the next Sexiest Man Alive,” McConaughey, 47, told People of his “The Dark Tower” co-star.

And Elba, 44, was quick to dish the love right back.

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“[That’s] such a compliment coming from this man!” he told the magazine.

Sexiest Man Alive has been a popular feature in People for years, starting in 1985 when it kicked off the tradition by bestowing the title upon Mel Gibson.

McConaughey graced the cover in 2005.

McConaughey graced the cover in 2005.

Since then, many a Hollywood stud has received the honor, including Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, George Clooney and, the most recent addition to the list, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

And as a seasoned Sexiest Man veteran himself, McConaughey knows the importance of the title, and wouldn’t give such a rousing endorsement to just anyone.

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“That’s the thing about this crown. You get it until the day you leave this Earth,” he said. “And if you’re a believer, you take it into the next life.”

Fans can see if People takes McConaughey’s advice when the magazine debuts this year’s Sexiest Man Alive in November.

In the meantime, the two will appear on-screen together in “The Dark Tower,” the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s series of fantasy novels.

Despite the off-screen affection, McConaughey plays the evil Man in Black to Elba’s good guy Gunslinger.

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