Martin Landau, ‘Ed Wood’ Oscar winner, dead at 89

Martin Landau died Saturday at the UCLA Medical Center after a brief hospital stay, his rep told the Daily News.

He was 89.

The legendary actor, who was born in Brooklyn, began his career at the New York Daily News as a staff cartoonist and illustrator at 17 years old.

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Martin Landau died at 89.

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He quit The News when he was 22 to pursue his acting career, which launched with his 1957 Broadway debut of “Middle of the Night.”

Landau made his film debut in 1959 in Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest,” in which he played Leonard, the assistant to a criminal mastermind.

Over his award-winning career, Landau starred in “Cleopatra,” “The Greatest Story Ever Told” and “Nevada Smith” before going to the small screen for the “Mission: Impossible” TV series.

In his three-season run as Rollin Hand, Landau was nominated for three Emmy Awards and won a Golden Globe in 1968.

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Landau won the 1994 Best Supporting Oscar for his role as horror film star Bela Lugosi in Tim Burton’s “Ed Wood,” alongside Johnny Depp.

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After the short-lived British show “Space:1999,” Landau returned to the big screen in the 1980s for roles in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1998 “Tucker: The Man and His Dream” and Woody Allen’s 1989 “Crimes and Misdemeanors,” both of which earned him Academy Award nominations.

Landau won the 1994 Best Supporting Oscar for his role as horror film star Bela Lugosi in Tim Burton’s “Ed Wood,” starring alongside Johnny Depp, Sarah Jessica Parker, Patricia Arquette and daughter Juliet Landau.

More recently, he played an Auschwitz survivor in the 2015 movie “Remember,” whch co-starred Christopher Plummer, Henery Czerny, Liza Balkan and Dean Norris.

His upcoming movie, “The Last Poker Game,” premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.

He also returned to TV for roles in “Without a Trace” and “Entourage.”

Landau is survived by two daughters, Susan Finch and Juliet Landau, sons-in-law Roy Finch and Deverill Weekes, former wife and co-star Barbara Bain, godson Dylan Becker, friend Gretchen Becker, sister Elinor Schwartz and 8-year-old granddaughter Aria Isabel Landau Finch.

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