Man who drugged his twin in prison escape plot is recaptured

A man who escaped a Peruvian prison by drugging his twin brother and leaving him in his place has been recaptured after more than a year on the lam.

Alexander Delgado Herrera was serving a 16-year sentence for child sexual abuse and robbery outside the capital of Lima when his twin Giancarlo visited, the BBC reported.

Alexander drugged his brother, swapped clothes, and walked out of the jail in January 2017.

Authorities confirmed Giancarlo’s identity with the help of fingerprints and charges were dropped after he was was initially suspected of assisting his brother in the plot, according to local reports.

On Monday, the interior ministry issued a statement that read, “Today there was the recapture of a rapist who on January 10, 2017 left Piedras Gordas being supplanted by his brother.”

Alexander, who tried to run from authorities by running into a house, was finally arrested in the port city of Callao, the interior ministry said.

After he was captured, Alexander told reporters he escaped because he was “desperate” to see his mother.

He is now likely to be placed in a maximum security prison in the southern highlands, according to the BBC.  

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