Madden: How is the free-agent market this offseason and where will guys land? Let's take a look

As for Machado, coming off another stellar season in which he played all 162 games, hit .297 with 37 homers and an .825 OPS, the big issue is attitude. He’s already said he only wants to play shortstop, even though his skills have eroded there, and there were a number of occasions in Baltimore when Orioles manager Buck Showalter had to cite him for lack of effort. With L.A.’s Corey Seager coming back from injury, it’s doubtful the Dodgers will sign him back, and while the Yankees were once panting to acquire him, with nine more years of Giancarlo Stanton’s contract facing him, is Hal Steinbrenner really prepared to commit to another 10-year contract of upwards of $ 250 million? Of course, if I’m Machado’s agent, I’d be telling the Yankees: “Are you really prepared to wait on Didi Gregorius and see if he regains his form after Tommy John surgery?”

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