Macklemore involved in head-on crash with drunken driver

Rapper Macklemore was involved in a scary crash over the weekend with a drunken driver.

The 34-year-old Washington native was driving his Mercedes in his home state Friday night when he was struck head-on by a drunken pickup truck driver, TMZ reports.

Macklemore was not injured in the crash, but one of his two passengers was treated for a minor cut to the head, according to the gossip site.

The unidentified pickup driver smashed his head into the windshield and was left unconscious and bleeding, police told TMZ. He also told officers he drank “awhile back” and when questioned about how much he had to drink, the man said “5 o’clock,” according to reports.

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The driver was treated at a local hospital and will be charged with DUI, according to police.

Macklemore was driving in Langley, Wa. — an island town north of Seattle.

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