Leonard: More thoughts on Odell Beckham Jr.'s comments, Sterling Shepard's outburst plus Saquon Barkley pros and cons from Week 5

Shurmur was adamant that he is “finito, done” talking about the Odell Beckham Jr. ESPN interview, but I don’t think he’ll be able to stick to that. Because when Shurmur read Beckham the riot act Friday, he only knew about the excerpt of the interview made public that day, in which Beckham questioned his team’s “heart” and threw shade at Eli Manning. The full interview that aired Sunday morning caught the Giants off-guard — while Shurmur and the Giants were warming up on the field pre-game in Carolina — and contained way more damning and distasteful comments that I’m sure the coach is still processing. OBJ questioning whether he’s happy in New York, where he just signed a five-year, $ 90 million contract extension, is at the top of that list: “I love being in L.A. I just like that atmosphere, but this is where I’m at,” he said.

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