LeBron James seen calling the shots in son's AAU game in Vegas

LaVar Ball isn’t the only father getting passionate about AAU.

LeBron James took over as coach during LeBron James Jr.’s, his 12-year-old son, AAU game in an Adidas Uprising event in Las Vegas.

In a YouTube video put together by Overtime, the NBA superstar is shown being very animated on the sidelines rallying his players, instructing the team on how to play better defense and even walking over the score table to correct an error.

LeBron James (l.) stepped up to coach his son's, LeBron James Jr. (r.), AAU game in Las Vegas over the weekend.

LeBron James (l.) stepped up to coach his son’s, LeBron James Jr. (r.), AAU game in Las Vegas over the weekend.

(J Pat Carter/AP)

Having one of the NBA’s best players step in to coach wasn’t enough to help the North Coast Blue Chips pick up a win. The team lost to the Oakland Soldiers 54-51.

James has been in Las Vegas working out for the upcoming NBA season. He was able to take a break from practicing with Derrick Rose and Eric Bledsoe to spend time coaching up his son.

While James did get into the game, he at least didn’t make a scene like LaVar did over the weekend.

LaVar was coaching LaMelo’s AAU team when he started to berate a female official. She gave him a technical foul for his actions and he responded by threatening to take his team off the court unless she was replaced by a new official.

Adidas went along with his request and removed her from the game.

Monday the group that supplied officials for the summer tournament said they were going to end their partnership with Adidas after five years because of the incident.

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