Kesha drops empowerment song 'Woman' (WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)

Kesha continues to hit high notes in her comeback to music.

The pop star preaches the power of feminism in a new song, “Woman,” released Thursday — her second solo single since she started a legal battle against her alleged sexual abuser, record producer Dr. Luke, in 2014.

In the new track, which features an upbeat and easygoing vibe, Kesha explains why she doesn’t need a man: “I buy my own things, I pay my own bills / These diamond rings, my automobiles/ Everything I got, I bought it/ Boys can’t buy my love.”

She then breaks in an empowering chorus: “I’m a motherf—ing woman, baby, alright / I don’t need a man to be holding me too tight.”

Kesha releases first solo single since legal fight with Dr. Luke

Kesha explained in a personal and thoughtful essay that she wrote the song after taking hold of a newfound confidence during a recent tour, where she ditched the back-up dancers and on-stage gimmicks in favor of singing from the heart in front of an instrumental band.

“I have always been a feminist, but for much of my life I felt like a little girl trying to figure things out,” she wrote in the essay, which was published to the Rolling Stone website. “In the past few years, I have felt like a woman more than ever. I just feel the strength and awesomeness and power of being female. We hold the key to humanity. We decide if we populate the Earth, and if so, with whom. We could just decide not to have any more kids and the human race would be over. That is power.”

The new song, which appears on her upcoming album “Rainbow,” comes a week after she released an emotional song, “Praying,” about overcoming the actions of a tormentor and praying they can change.

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The song is a single off of Kesha’s upcoming new album, “Rainbow.”

(Richard Shotwell/Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

That expressive single was her first solo single since 2013 – a year before she came forward with allegations that Dr. Luke had drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2005, when they had recently begun working on music together.

Dr. Luke takes a dig at Kesha for new single ‘Praying’

Kesha attempted to break free from her six-album contract with Sony and distance herself from Dr. Luke after accusing him of sexual assault, but to no avail. A Manhattan judge tossed her civil lawsuit against the producer last year, partly because her accusations were too old.

Her new album will be released on the Kemosabe label, which Dr. Luke put together with Sony Music.

Dr. Luke’s spokesperson reacted to her releasing her first single last week by pointing out that the album will be put out under the label’s approval.

“There was no change in Kesha’s contractual recording obligations – she has not succeeded on any legal claim or motion to avoid them,” the spokesperson told Billboard in a statement.

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“Instead, she was always free to record and refused to. Now, as legally required all along, the album was released with Dr. Luke’s approval by Kemosabe which is a joint venture label of Dr. Luke and Sony.”

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