Kate Major goes on white supremacy tirade against cops

The estranged wife of Michael Lohan hurled a slew of racist and homophobic comments toward police officers while being taken in for an involuntary psychiatric evaluation.

Kate Major, 34, is caught on video before she is taken away on Friday by officers and repeatedly calls a black officer a “monkey” and says all black people deserve to be slaves, saying that’s all they will ever be good at, video obtained by TMZ shows.

“Part of white supremacy is that you f–king monkeys don’t know how to do your jobs,” she yells, appearing to be slurring her words. “I’d love to be more of part of white supremacy because you’re all part of f–king monkeys.”

She also calls the female police officer “a d–e” and lesbian multiple times and tells her to stop grabbing her “t–s,” according to the video obtained by the gossip site. Major was sporting a bag over her head because cops said she was spitting at them.

Kate Major gets psych exam after calling cops on Michael Lohan

Major was taken in for the evaluation after Lohan, 57, called the cops because she was intoxicated when she arrived to the home the former couple shares with their two sons, Landon, 4, and Logan, 2. Lohan left the home with the boys, which caused Major to get angry and report him for kidnapping.

The father of actress Lindsay Lohan had recorded his estranged wife threatening him with violence and the Boca Raton Police Department was able to abide by Florida’s Baker Act, which allows citizens to be taken in for involuntary psych evaluation.

Officers were informing Major of the reasoning behind her being taken in — clarifying that it was because she threatened harm to herself, Lohan and officers.


Michael Lohan and Kate Major in happier times in 2010.

(Splash News/Splash News)

But she disputed and interrupted law enforcement and fired back at any chance.

Lindsay Lohan’s stepmom arrested for alleged drunk assault on cop

She reportedly still remains at the mental health facility.

Major had previously been sentenced to six months in jail in November 2016 after she violated her probation for attacking a cop. Two years prior, she was arrested for a DUI and sentenced to eight months in jail.

The troubled couple has faced a number of problems at home and with the law.

They both lost custody of their sons in Nov. 2015 and Major was later granted temporary guardianship.

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