Kanye West won’t release albums exclusively after Tidal drama

It’ll be easy to listen to Yeezy moving forward — because he’s shunning exclusive album releases.

Kanye West will no longer premiere his music on just a single streaming service like he has in the past, because he wants all of his fans to listen to his new songs as early as they possibly can, TMZ reported.

This apparent decision comes after West dropped his latest work, “The Life of Pablo,” exclusively on Tidal last February — which prevented fans who hadn’t subscribed to Tidal from accessing the album until it was added to other services such as Spotify weeks later.

West is currently mired in a dispute with Tidal — which is owned by his longtime collaborator JAY-Z — after he left the streaming service due to disagreements over what is owed to him, according to TMZ.

Kanye West splits with Tidal, says company owes him $ 3 million

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Kanye West no longer intends to release albums on just one streaming service.

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The “All of the Lights” rapper reportedly believes Tidal owes him more than $ 3 million since he hasn’t received a bonus that was allegedly promised to him after he drew 1.5 million new subscribers to the website when “The Life of Pablo” dropped. He also claims he was never reimbursed for unspecified music videos, according to TMZ.

Tidal’s team, meanwhile, has threatened to sue West if he signs on with another streaming service since he left while he’s still under contract, according to the gossip site. Tidal reportedly contends West, 40, never made music videos that his contract calls for — but West allegedly says he’ll make them once he’s paid.

The drama comes six years after West and JAY-Z — who are longtime friends — released a critically acclaimed duel album together called “Watch The Throne.”

West, however, suggested they were on uneven terms last November when he ranted during a concert in Sacramento that JAY-Z had lost touch with him.

Decoding JAY-Z’s lyrics on ‘4:44’ about Beyoncé rumors, Kanye

Then last week, JAY-Z appeared to open up about their fallout in his song “Kill Jay Z” on his newly released “4:44” album.

“You walking around like you invincible /You dropped out of school, you lost your principles/I know people backstabbed you, I felt bad too,” JAY-Z raps, possibly referencing West’s debut album “College Dropout.”

West recently split from JAY-Z’s Tidal service amid a monetary dispute.

West recently split from JAY-Z’s Tidal service amid a monetary dispute.

(Kevin Mazur/Getty Images For Roc Nation)

“But this ‘f–k everybody’ attitude ain’t natural/But you ain’t the same, this ain’t KumbaYe/But you got hurt because you think KumbaYe /You gave him 20 million without thinkin’ /He gave you 20 minutes on stage, f–k was he thinkin’? /’F–k wrong with everybody?’ is what you sayin’ /But if everybody’s crazy, you’re the one that’s insane.”

JAY-Z’s new album was released exclusively on Tidal.

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