Josh Lucas hated Michael Moore's Broadway show

“Little Accidents” star Josh Lucas agrees with Michael Moore’s politics, but hates his new Broadway show.

Lucas, a 46-year-old Arkansas native, was one of many stars at the Belasco Theatre on Thursday when “The Terms of My Surrender” opened on the Great White Way.

“I believe in everything he’s saying, I believe in everything about his message,” Lucas told us. “The way he’s presenting it right now on Broadway — (it’s) everything that’s wrong with politics entirely. Total divisionist crap. It’s us against them. To me, it’s dead wrong.”

Lucas says that like Moore, he comes from a place that harbors a conservative streak and, as such, he seems to wish that Moore’s show were more inclusive.

“How dare you present this idea this way?” he said.

“It’s separatist. That’s the problem.”

Lucas calls Moore’s show “dead wrong” even though he’s part of the choir to which Moore is preaching.

“I identify as a Democrat and as a liberal,” he said. “But in every way do I think this show is terrible.”

One of the biggest things Lucas would change seems pretty obvious.

 Josh Lucas "radically hardcore" disliked Michael Moore's Broadway show.    

 Josh Lucas “radically hardcore” disliked Michael Moore’s Broadway show.    

(John Nacion / Splash News/John Nacion / Splash News)

“Make it entertaining,” he suggests.

Lucas calls himself a fan of Moore’s films — and also of Moore himself.

“Everything about him I like,” he said. “Everything about this show I disliked.”

In addition to disagreeing with Moore’s approach to diplomacy, Lucas didn’t think the filmmaker from Flint is ready for Broadway.

“Honestly, on the record, say as a performer on Broadway, that is a bogus ill-prepared show,” he said. “I agree with all of his politics. I completely disagree with this show.” So two thumbs down?

“Wildly so,” Lucas confirmed. “Radically hard core.”

Moore wasn’t lacking for celebrity support on his big night. Also in the house for his debut were Rosie O’Donnell, Christie Brinkley, Phil Donahue, Gloria Steinem, Dan Rather, Harry Belafonte, Al Sharpton and Tommy Tune.

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