HBO website crashes during ‘Game of Thrones’ season premiere

The return to Westeros was on hold for some “Game of Thrones” fans.

HBO’s website crashed Sunday night just as the seventh season of the fantasy show premiered.

The streaming service was also malfunctioning for some.

“Another GoT premiere, another predictable HBO Go crash,” one person tweeted.

Revisiting ‘Game of Thrones’ before Season 7 begins Sunday

The hit George R.R. Martin show returned for its penultimate season and picked up on Daenerys sailing to Westeros.

Jon Snow also rejoins the action as the newly crowned King in the North.

The seven-episode season will lead into the final season next year.

An HBO rep told the Daily News that HBO GO in Latin America was experiencing outages, but that the company hadn’t seen any widespread issues in the United States.

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