Haruo Nakajima, original Godzilla actor, dead at 88

Haruo Nakajima, the first actor to portray Godzilla on screen, died Monday.

He was 88.

The Japanese actor served as a stuntman in movies including “Seven Samurai” and “Eagle of the Pacific” before taking on the king of the monsters for the first time in 1954.

The suit, which weighed about 220 pounds, was made out of concrete due to the short supply of rubber after World War II.

In an interview posted online in March, Nakajima said he was given little direction in how to play the monster and instead took cues from animals at the zoo.

Nakajima took on the role in a dozen movies, his last in 1972 in “Godzilla vs. Gigan.”

His most recent film was the 1973 “Tidal Wave,” in which he played a chauffeur.

“In the end, the Godzilla I played remains on film forever,” he told Great Big Story.

“It remains in people’s memory, and for that I feel really grateful.”

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