Giants Mailbag: What are the Giants doing in the draft and free agency?

Answer: I doubt you’ll see an outright pay cut. You’ll either see a one-year dummy extension to lower his 2019 cap hit to around $ 17 million or so and still make him easy to cut after 2019, or nothing, or, and I still believe this, there’s a chance Manning could be released or walk away. Until Foles signs on the dotted line in Jacksonville, he’s still an option for the Giants. We still don’t know if Manning wants to return and play for this 2019 version of the Giants that Gettleman is assembling, either. It truly is insane that the Giants, so strapped for cap space, are saying they plan to keep Manning when releasing him would save $ 17 million against the cap. But maybe there’s an easy way for both to be happy: I had one NFL exec suggest to me that the Giants, instead of giving Manning his $ 5 million roster bonus on March 17 and starting him another year, could still give him the $ 5 million as a golden parachute, say thanks for the memories, and that way both could part on good terms and make it a mutual separation.

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