Funeral for tourist beaten to death in Greece set for Saturday

Funeral services for the tourist who was fatally beaten in Greece will take place Saturday in the man’s hometown of Austin.

Bakari Henderson, 22, was pummeled to death last week by a group of young men after an incident in a bar.

A spokesman for Greek police said the cause of the fight that led to Henderson’s death is still unclear. It began after Henderson took a selfie with a waitress at the bar he was in, the spokesman said.

The recent college graduate was in Greece for a photo shoot for a new line of clothing he hoped to launch, his family said.

Nine men between the ages of 18 and 34 have been charged with intentional homicide in Henderson’s death.

CCTV footage shows Henderson being beaten to death in a brawl outside a bar.

CCTV footage shows Henderson being beaten to death in a brawl outside a bar.

(Proto Thema via Youtube)

Two of the suspects, both Serbs, have been released on $ 5,700 bail.

Nenad Jovanovic, 22, who has returned home to Serbia since he was released, said that he is not culpable in Henderson’s death.

“I am happy to be home,” he told B92 television. He added that he was “at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“I saw big chaos, pushing around, nothing else,” he said.

Nenad Jovanovic, one of two suspects released on bail, has returned to Serbia. 


“I feel bad that we were there in the first place,” Jovanovic said. “I expect to continue with my life, I am a free man. I am sorry about the young man,” he said, referring to Henderson. “Nobody deserves that.”

A third Serb will appear Saturday before a judge who will decide if he should also be released on bail. The remaining six suspects have been jailed pending trial.

Henderson’s friend, Daniel Brown, described Henderson as a “selfless” person who he had never seen “rattled a day in my life,” CBS reported. 

“He was never really worried about material objects or social status or anything like that and he was non-judging of everyone he met. And because of that, he easily had the most diverse and large group of friends anyone could ask for,” Brown said.

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