Ex-Knick Charles Oakley takes dismissal deal on MSG fight charges

The “Oak Man” had a change of heart.

New York Knicks legend Charles Oakley took a conditional dismissal deal on Friday in connection to his arrest for sparring with team owner James Dolan’s security at Madison Square Garden at the start of a Feb. 8 game.

Oakley, 54, previously proclaimed that he would fight the charges at trial. He still admits no wrongdoing.

Oakley was seen on video shoving a guard as a swarm of security surrounded him and ordered him to leave the arena. He had paid for his own ticket but Dolan — with whom he had beefed in the past — wanted him out.

“Like I said from day one I wasn’t wrong,” Oakley said after taking the deal, which will see his charges dismissed and sealed after six months of good behavior.

He said a trial would benefit nobody and waste taxpayer funds.

“Why keep wasting time?” he said in Manhattan Criminal Court. “Let’s try to keep the streets better for kids instead of going to court.”

His lawyer Alex Spiro said the outcome “clearly vindicates him” and that Oakley plans to pursue “all civil remedies” against the contentious team owner.

“It shows that nobody thought he did anything wrong,” Spiros said. “It reaffirms what everybody has always thought which was that the Garden was wrong in how they treated him, and he doesn’t need a trial to prove that because the judge just ordered it.”

Spiro called the ordeal a “personal issue between him and Mr. Dolan” and said the security guards and Oakley were “dragged into” it.

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