Don't expect to see Liam Gallagher on 'Carpool Karaoke'

Forget “Definitely Maybe” — Liam Gallagher absolutely won’t be sitting in James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” passenger seat anytime soon.

The sharp-tongued ex Oasis front man insisted to British GQ that there was no way viewers would catch him joining the likes of One Direction, Adele and Elton John by taking a spin with “knobhead” Corden.

“No, thank you very much,” Gallagher said. “No f—king chance mate. What that fat bloke from ‘Kevin & Perry?'”

The “Wonderwall” singer was referring to “Gavin & Stacey,” a British sitcom that Corden wrote and co-starred in for three seasons.

Oasis’ Liam Gallagher angry after he’s ID’d to buy cigarettes

“It’s called ‘Gavin & Stacey and you’ve never watched it,” Gallagher’s partner Debbie Gwyther chimed in.

Still, Gallagher maintained that he already knew all he needed to know about the “Late Late Show” host.

“I don’t need to watch it to know I won’t like it,” he said. “James Corden is a knobhead.”

Corden is just the latest star to be at the receiving end of a Liam Gallagher dig.

Liam Gallagher blasts brother Noel for performing with U2

Some of the more colorful insults the singer has unleashed include the many times he’s called his brother and former Oasis bandmate Noel Gallagher a “potato,” and the instance last month in which he said he would rather “eat my own s–t” than listen to U2.

In 2006, he declared that Coldplay’s Chris Martin “looks like a geography teacher,” and in 2010, he said of Florence and the Machine’s Florence Welch, “She sounds like someone’s stood on her f—king foot. I’m not having someone with ginger hair making music.”

He also once referred to Beatles legend George Harrison as “a f—king nipple.”

Gallagher is set to release his solo debut album “As You Were” in October. Last week, he walked off the stage at Lollapalooza just four songs into his set.

“Sorry to the people who turned up for the gig in Chicago lollapalooza had a difficult gig last night with f-ked my voice,” he tweeted. “I’m gutted LG.”

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