DeMario Jackson cries over ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ scandal

“Bachelor in Paradise” isn’t finished exploiting the scandal between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios.

On Tuesday’s episode of the reality dating series, Jackson sat down for a tell-all interview with host Chris Harrison and broke down in tears over being accused of sexually assaulting Olympios in the pool during the first week of filming.

He said the accusation of sexual assault was “every man’s biggest fear,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. His tears started coming down after he explained what he and his family, especially his mother, had to endure.

“I never once thought that I would be here, today, speaking to you guys amid a crazy scandal,” he said.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ draws major ratings in wake of scandal

Jackson did not return to the series after production shut down this summer, so his segment briefly aired after the episode where he was questioned by host Chris Harrison.

Olympios also has not returned to the series, but will speak her side of the story on Aug. 29.


DeMario Jackson sits down with Chris Harrison on Tuesday, Aug. 22 to discuss the “Bachelor in Paradise” scandal between him and Corinne Olympios.

(Paul Hebert/ABC)

The 30-year-old reiterated what happened leading up to the moments in the pool — which were eventually cleared of any misconduct by both Warner Bros. and Olympios’ legal team.

“Who would say ‘no’ to Corinne?” he questioned.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ finally covers sexual assault allegations

After reports circulated that Olympios went “limp” in the pool during their hook-up, Jackson defended himself saying, “I know I’m not that monster they’re trying to portray on TV.”

Jackson had previously declared that race played a factor in the scandal and that he would not have faced the same treatment if he were a white man.

“They wanted the angry black guy and this little, innocent white girl. But it wasn’t.”

ABC decided to air the moments leading up to the encounter on last week’s episode of “Paradise.”

DeMario Jackson reportedly won’t return to ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

The reality TV contestant then shared with Harrison that was in a “much better place in my life.”

A rep for Jackson previously shared that he was seeking therapy in the wake of the scandal.

Fans of the show were quick to slam the network for continuing to capitalize on the scandal.

“Why do I feel like ABC is using this Demario & Corinne situation for ratings.. especially after Charlottesville,” one woman tweeted.

DeMario Jackson pictured with Corinne Olympios in a pool together.

DeMario Jackson pictured with Corinne Olympios in a pool together.


Another added, “Make no mistake #BIP is spending so much time on Corinne/Demario bc they lost a week+ of shooting time not bc they care about sexual assault.”

However, several social media users found compassion for Jackson, noting his pain was “being exploited.”

“Watching @demariojackson on the #bip interview is giving me so much respect,” a user wrote. “Seems like such a stand up guy and I feel bad for him.”

Another Twitter user added: “ABC is giving him a platform, but they owe him more.”

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