Dan Hampton says '80s Bears win four titles with Jay Cutler as QB

Dan Hampton continues to take shots at former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon in their ongoing feud.

Speaking at an event at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Hampton said he would have more Super Bowl rings on his fingers if the team had Jay Cutler on the roster in the ’80s.

“If my team had Jay Cutler at quarterback we would have won four Super Bowls,” Hampton said.

This isn’t the first time Hampton has spoken highly of Cutler and said the Bears would have been a dominate force with Cutler under center.

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In an interview with The Chicago Sun Times in 2015, Hampton said the team would have had a string of undefeated seasons had they had Cutler.

“I would have gave anything to have him on our team. You give us Jay Cutler back in our day, not only do we win five Super Bowls in a row, but we don’t lose a game. Mark that down. If we had Jay Cutler – forget the Super Bowl. We don’t lose a game,” Hampton said.

Hampton has been vocal about his dislike for McMahon over the years so it’s not surprise the lineman believes the Bears would have won more championships with someone else playing quarterback.


Jim McMahon has been criticized throughout the years by his former teammate Dan Hampton.


The Bears won the Super Bowl in 1985, but they also lost twice in the NFC Championship game and twice in the divisional round of the playoffs between 1984-1988. Despite having one of the league’s best defenses, it was the Bears offense that came up short several times in the post season.

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McMahon battled injuries throughout his career and was outspoken, which never really sit well with Hampton.

While Hampton may believe the Bears would have been better off with Cutler, the fan base will likely disagree.

Cutler spent eight years in Chicago and had a record of 51-51 in that time. The Bears reached the postseason once and Cutler left the 2006 NFC Championship game with an injury.

The quarterback was also known for being a turnover machine, throwing 109 interceptions during his time in the Windy City.

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After the Bears released Cutler after the 2016 season, the quarterback has stepped off the field to go into broadcasting. Cutler was hired by Fox for the upcoming season.

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