'Curb' rumors to the contrary, Molly Shannon is no man killer

Molly Shannon did not f— two men to death, but she’s glad someone finally asked.

In the highly memorable pilot episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Larry David finds himself sharing a ride home from the airport with a sleazy publicist who asks if there were any celebrities on the flight. When David says Molly Shannon was there, the flack asked if she had sex with anyone in first class, then repeats a rumor that Shannon had killed two men during intercourse.

We asked Shannon about that at the premiere of her wild new film “Fun Mom Dinner,” and she opened up about how it all went down.

“(David) had to get my approval,” she assured us at the Svedka-sponsored Lower East Side screening. In fact, Shannon says the idea was born in-flight.

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ returns to HBO in October

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The scene grew out of a plane ride that Shannon shared with David (above) while he was shooting the pilot.

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“I was on a plane and Larry David was flying and they were shooting the pilot and we were both in business first,” she recalled. “He just walked down to my seat and was like, ‘Would you mind if I use you in the pilot?’ and he pitched me jokes while we were flying on the plane.”

One of the men Shannon alleged killed with kindness was a fictional business manager to whom she was said to have been engaged.

“We do actually happen to know the same business manager – it’s a friend of both of ours and he’s our money manager,” Shannon said. “We weren’t referring to him, but we do know the same money manager.”

Shannon said she “loved” the scene and would like to make an actual appearance on the HBO show, which is coming back for its ninth season in October.

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ begins filming ninth season after hiatus

“I would love to be on the show if he could write me a part,” she said. “Come on, man! Put it out there! Yeah. Such good questions! Nobody’s ever asked me that.”

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