Corey Lewandowski fired from another gig

President Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, is out of another job, according to a report Monday.

Cable channel One America News Network fired Lewandowski because he spent more time as a talking head on rival networks, according to the Daily Beast, citing three sources close to the sacking.

OAN chief executive Robert Herring did not dispute the Daily Beast report and noted to the news site that Lewandowski spent more on-air time for competitors.

The San Diego-based digital channel is often compared to Fox News for its conservative stance, but is only available in about 15 million American homes. It thrusted right-wing firebrand Tomi Lahren into the spotlight by offering her a talk show.

Since joining OAN as a commentator in January, Lewandowski has made nearly a dozen appearances on Fox News Insider to discuss White House staffing shakeups, the Russia-Trump scandal and leaks.

The last time he plugged an OAN appearance on his Twitter account was on June 27.

Lewandowski left his CNN analyst gig just days after the November election that handed his old boss the White House.

The controversial Trump staffer was fired along the campaign trail in June 2016 following a streak of alleged violence. He was accused of roughing up a former Breitbart reporter as she tried asking Trump a question after a news conference in Florida.

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