Cooper Hefner is ‘embarrassed’ about Trump's 1990 Playboy cover

Playboy Magazine would never have featured Trump if they had a look into the future.

At least that’s according to Hugh Hefner’s son Cooper.

The tweeted the 1990 Playboy cover featuring the now-President and said that he is “embarrassed” about it.

“We promote a philosophy that encourages ALL individuals to choose the life they want to live,” he wrote, explaining his embarrassment.

Donald Trump was in two more Playboy videos from 1994, 2001

The 25-year-old chief creative officer continued to discuss the cover, which showed Trump in a tuxedo, alongside a young model wearing the jacket and nothing else.

“If the 1990 team at Playboy would have known Trump’s platform then the President would have never found his way onto our cover,” he wrote.

“But hindsight is 20/20 and the fight on the intellectual battlefield and for what really makes America great rages on. And as long as I’m at @Playboy we will be on that battlefield, on the right side of history, fighting for freedom of expression and choice.”

The comments came hours after The Hollywood Reporter published a profile on him and the magazine.

Three decades of Trump saying he could easily avoid nuclear war

“President Trump is widely known to have venerated Hugh, but the feeling isn’t mutual,” Gary Baum wrote for The Hollywood Reporter, before Cooper stated that they do not respect Trump.

The 1990 Playboy cover story on Trump features him discussing foreign trade policy, specifically against Japan. Comments he made more than 20 years ago in that piece were later compared to the ideas he pitched during his campaign.

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