Canada bans diplomats from using cardboard Justin Trudeau cutouts

Canadian diplomats love to show appreciation for their prime minister, though their government is asking them to cut it out.

The Great White North’s Global Affairs has told employees not to use cardboard cutouts of Justin Trudeau at their parties, the department confirmed to the CBC.

Life-sized images of the Liberal Party leader had been popping up at government events, such as the tourism booth at the South by Southwest festival in Austin this month.

At one point last summer the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C., spent $ 147 to rush-order a Trudeau from a company in Pennsylvania in the hopes of “serious selfie action” during Canada Day, according to the CBC.

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However, not every Canadian is as enthralled with the prime minister becoming their country’s unofficial mascot.

Conservative lawmakers alerted media after their photogenic political rival began appearing all around them, ultimately leading to the kibosh on cardboard cutouts.

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