Brooke Shields is a perfect '3'

Nothing comes between Brooke Shields and her riding boots.

The former Calvin Klein model was joined by her husband and kids at Sunday’s Hampton Classic Horse Show, but her feet were on her mind.

We’re told that over the weekend, Shields met with Der Dau Inc. CEO Joseph Der to be measured for her first pair of “Polo Fashion” boots.

Shields was fitted for a “three strap polo boot” that will be ready for wear in four to six weeks. We’re also told that the “Suddenly Susan” star’s new kicks are made from “London tan French calf skin and matching saddle tan alligator strap and toe with built in orthotic with memory foam for comfort.” They cost $ 3,000.

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Fitting Shields was a pleasure for Der, who said that 52-year-old New York City native had “the nicest legs he’s had the pleasure of measuring.”

Shields’ new boots are being hand made by the artisans at Der Dau in Brooklyn.

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